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L i s t e n i n g

Learn to Listen....
You don't learn anything from hearing yourself talk.

from Love by Leo Buscaglia


Cognitive Dissonance, a psychological theory that applies to communication, states that a person feels conflict it they hold two or more attitudes that are in opposition to each other. One way people reduce dissonance is by ignoring the conflict that is causing the conflict.

Anxiety - Sometimes we can't listen because our anxiety is too high.

The Controlling Listener - always looks for a way to talk about themselves and what they are thinking about.

The Passive Listener - Exerts little listening effort-listen like a couch potatoes

Types of Listening





Negative listening responses

Denying feelings:
"You shouldn't feel that way. "

"I had a situation that was much worse than yours."

"Your husband doesn't appreciate the work you do."

Being Philosophical:
"All bosses are hard to get along with." "That's the way life is"

Responding defensively:
"Don't blame me, I told you not to.."

Giving Advice:
"Quit this job and get a new one." "Calm down"

Defending the other person:
"Well understand her side."

Expressing Sympathy:
"I really feel sorry for you, it must be awful."

"What did you do to make him mad?"

Forms of Non-listening

Pseudo listening - pretending to listen

Monopolizing - Hogging the stage by continuously focusing communication on ourselves instead of the person who is talking.

Selective listening - We screen out the parts that don't interest us. We reject communication that bores us or makes us uncomfortable.

Defensive Listening - Perceiving personal attacks, criticims, or hostile undertones in communication where none is intended. Ambushing - Listening carefully for the purpose of attacking the other speaker.

Literal Listening - Listening only to the content level of meaning and ignoring the relationship level of meaning.

Positive Listening Response

* Suspend Judgment

* Paraphrasing/Restating:
"In other words, your decision was to..."
"Your fed up with what's happening."

* Minimal Encouragers:
"Tell me more" "Really" "Go on" "uh-huh"
"Yeah" "I see" "That's interesting" Nod
"Please go on..."

* Ask questions
"What do you plan to do?"
"How do you feel about that?"
"How are you working this through?"
"Have you just started feeling this way?"
"What are our reasons for feeling this way?"

* Express support
"I can tell you've given this a lot of thought."
"I disagree with you but I respect your decision."

* Reflecting
"You were pretty upset by this..."

* Identify the emotion
"Are you mad at the situation or just a little discouraged?"

* Let the person work out the problem
"What are you going to do now?"

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It is not the money we need.
We need trust, respect, care and humanity.
We need the freedom to take responsibility, create, share and help each other by direct-action.
We need the freedom to serve.
We need to love each other, - and live in peace and freedom with each other, - with the animals and the nature.

NOW, let's take out 'the need' and we are well on our way(s) ...



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Lisa Renee - December message

L I S A ~ R E N E E - Coming Full Circle

December 2008

Popular manipulation techniques being used now are all polarity thinking:

Us vs.Them, Enemy patterning (there is a terrorist to get you), not that way - but my way is better, (imposing your will on another) fear of the unknown, nowhere is safe, I know the truth, he/she doesn't, that person is evil or that person is 'good' or whatever else is fabricated from the holographic projection of the personal or group identity.

This is all an ego trip of judgment, emotional vampirism and distraction that takes you outside of yourself, instead of being inside of yourself. Every opportunity to distract you from yourself is happening right now so take care to be with your inner sanctum.
These activities and thought forms will drain you of your personal power.

The new technology being used is a type of holographic insert that projects an image to a remote viewer.

Many channels and intuitives will scan another beings energy field, many times without permission from the being they are scanning. This is a type of 'remote viewing'. Without invitation from the object being scanned, or that they have not addressed you personally for interaction, there is no agreement and this becomes a field intrusion. This breaks the higher sovereign agreement held between the two entities and allows the choice of exercising one's personal will (superimposition) over the divine will (pure beingness).

It is an act that does not honor the beings freedom and sovereign right to creative expression. What this personal will choice does is allow for 'intrusion' and manipulation and triggers a holographic insert that acts as a mirage. When the remote viewer sees the 'mirage' it sees an illusion of a program placed there to create a negatively judged experience. Since personal will is about applying judgment, judgment becomes the playing field of manipulation.

What I am noticing is many of these holographic field inserts happening are on spiritual leaders or group facilitators. As a group it may empower us to be aware of these potentials, (holographic inserts) as this is an aggressive tactic to employ a last ditch effort to thwart us from our collaborative group impact.

Conquer and Divide is the main agenda to keep separation consciousness alive. If spiritual leaders or facilitators become competitive, judgmental with each other or publically diss another spiritual leader, use this as a benchmark to put your own ego in check. Perceived power over others is an extremely slippery pitfall of the ego consciousness. There is never any excuse to put down any being ever, as each and every one of us is here to provide a specific niche and unique frequency to collaborate into the whole of creation. It is each and every beings responsibility to decide their own personal pathway of resonance and not rely or depend on any outside source through attachment.

Discernment over judgment, preference over attachment and self sourcing your inner sustenance is a huge path of mastery at this time. Walk the tightrope carefully however be kind in every way you can. The current adversity can pound us out of our kindness towards our self and others, and it is a time where kindness and compassion are the most needed.

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