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Ramah's Wisdom

Follow-up on ATTACKS:

Ramah's Wisdom

Any miss-use of energy, negative thought or action projected toward another person is a form of psychic attack.

This can ALSO make you wonder about ONEness.

Saying NO to i.e. Bush, War etc. is adding more energy towards the 'problem', which is not a problem, just a natural event of time.

Through THIS we find our lights, ourselves!
We are INVITED to become secure, in power, attached with the ONE source: LOVE.

Recently noticed in a film called 'The Moses Code' is the phrase: I am that I am. In this film is explained that the quote is not entirely correct;

To explain it in short words:

Look at a TREE and say: "I am THAT. I am!"
Look at a HUMAN and say: "I am THAT. I am!"
Look at the WAR(s) and say: "I am THAT. I am!"

Especially looking at the Quote for Today "Any Misuse of Energy, Negative Thought or Action" can bring you a step closer to Self:

For many this means a WOW, let me bring this into my life, to take that step higher in consciousness. For they can SEE the part they are playing, without judgment of self or others.
For others this can be frightening: loss of control, other ego issues may cause them to say: No, I am not that.
Eventually they will connect with this space as well and join us on the path chosen.

Now its the time to face your insecureties, victim-roles etc.!

Making another pointer about the attacks:

Ofcourse the 'dark cabals' don't like US to grow to LIGHT; they want the control of Planet Earth, acting out on their ego's, merely because they THINK they have it the right-way! Much the same as we do!
Makes you wonder?

Makes you also wonder HOW they get their ways?
Through YOUR lack of self-confidence, thus LOVE.
Bringing FEAR etc. in peoples life will lower the energy, what THEY want! So take a good look at self and say: I AM THAT TOO!

NOW YOU ARE AWARE OF MANY PARTS OF SELF and you can take action:
(saying "O M G" won't help a bit, saying "this is too difficult, I have too many other issues in my life", neither) ...
That is merely playing out the OLD victim-role, again.

Take action and become YOU (LOVE - LIGHT). Notice your thoughts, excersise i.e. AGAIN the Eckhart Tolle series, read the ARTICLE HOW TO AVOID BEING PSYCHICALLY ATTACKED AGAIN ...
Go higher in vibration everytime you feel that you have lowered yourself through MEDITATION, MUSIC, STILLNESS, or DOING SIMPLE TASK IN YOUR HOME like CLEANING.
Cleaning is always a GOOD way to clean your energy, your mind (of thoughts) and to become in the NOW.

Know that the WORLDS are changed (into love) THROUGH you, not BY you (your ego-actions) !

Until then,


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link to this article:


Just recently I had an "attack" as well and in this article are good pointers to help us (again) to overcome these attacks.
The last one I had lasted for about one week, with me being able to stand aside myself and observing all what was happening.
Really interesting !
FEAR is never an option but I know when attacks occur in your life and you start noticing them as being attacks, they can scare the 'SHT' out of you.
So educate some more, enjoy this article:


a.k.a Black Magic

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ Jan 2006

During our spiritual journey, we increase our frequency levels in stages. Our light is amplified bit by bit. Each time this happens, it creates changes in our auric field.

During these cyclic spiritual accelerations, we are psychically vulnerable. Because of these changes, we become very attractive to dark entities, spiritual vampires, dark wizards, and other ones that are simply still operating out of ego. We have to remember that these ones have little or no spiritual wisdom or connection and need a power supply to survive. When we accelerate our spiritual path, one of the challenges is not becoming a food source for one of these beings.

When you take a quantum leap in your spiritual path, many may feel threatened or fearful of your new light. Sometimes this causes them to act aggressive psychically. They may send out negative energy.

The good news is very few are strong enough to sustain a long attack.


How do I know if I am being psychically attacked?

Answer: First ... any miss-use of energy, negative thought or action projected toward another person is a form of psychic attack a.k.a. black magic.

There is a wide range of attack from simply someone getting mad at you, all the way to someone actively doing negative ceremony and prayer against you. If the attacker is clever, they can attack specific areas in 3 groups.

In multidimensional realities (time, space & dimension), in the physical realities (body, mind & spirit), and places in time (past, present & future). If you think you are being attacked, get help. It is hard to clear oneself, because you are too close to the issue. Find someone you trust to work with.

What are the Psychic Attack Symptoms?

Emotional and physical symptoms that elude diagnosis are:

chronic fatigue;
sexual indifference;
fuzziness; dizziness;
significant energy loss;
feeling fearful or guilty;
difficulty in concentrating;
ringing in the ears; headaches;
sleep disturbances and nightmares;
electrical pulses through the head and body;
and feelings like you are having a heart attack.
tummy aches; sometimes vomiting and diarrhea;
excessive anxiety, feeling edgy, shaky or out of sorts;

The pain can last in the body for weeks or months after the initial attack. Stronger psychic attacks can lead to severe illness. You also might:

feel anger or sorrow;
have strange accidents;
see your attacker as evil;
feel that you are being watched;
question or doubt your direction in life;
have lack of self confidence and self-esteem;
have feelings of the desire to commit suicide;
have irrational fear, feel vulnerable or invaded;
have a sense that there is something very wrong;
see shadows around you from the corner of your eye;
have unwanted thoughts and images of your attacker creep into your mind.

If attacks go on for a long period of time, and you are pushed into survival mode, you might begin to get angry, or have even rage at the attacker. You might fantasize negative feelings about the attacker and have the feeling that you want the other one to suffer.
Be careful. Being attacked can push you into becoming an attacker yourself.


Should I face /confront my attacker?

Answer: A battle begun on the inner planes can only be ended on the inner planes. Any attempt to correct psychic attack or black magic with outer means (i.e. confrontation and retribution) will always fail and fuel the problem even further. You can't battle an inner problem with an outer attack. (especially since the attacker might not even be consciously aware of what they are doing).


Why have I drawn this attack to me?

Answer: Being the recipient of psychic attack gives us the opportunity to see the places in ourselves in which we feel inferior, unsure, weak, unsafe or unhealthy. Under psychic attack, we have the opportunity to raise above our limited options of ourselves, empower our spirits, heal old wounds and take responsibility for our lives.


How can we be attacked?

Answer: Simple facts... We only open the door to attack when:

1. We fear the attacker.
Fear not only cuts us off from Spirit and our truth, but also opens the door for anyone of dark intent to use us.
2. We think they are more powerful than us ...
3. We act out of victim consciousness ...
4. Have an emotional attachment to the person attacking us.
5. Have a Karmic connection that needs clearing or unfinished business with the one attacking.

We are as protected as we think and feel we are.


How can I end an attack?

Answer: Ending the problem is SIMPLE. No matter how well trained the attacker is on the inner planes, these steps will end the attack:

1. Letting go of fear, negative emotions and victim mentality. If you don't know how to clear yourself from your negative emotions, get help from a professional. Fear and negative emotions are very common doorways for entities to harvest your energy. Realize that no one is more powerful than you; just for the moment, maybe more creative and clever.

The Creator created us equal. Unfortunately some people choose to use their energy in destructive ways. There is nothing we can do about someone misusing their power against us. We cannot make them stop. All we can do is react in the highest way possible within any situation.

No one can psychically attack you without your conscious or unconscious permission. Simply refuse the negative projections!
End acting out of victim mentality. There are no victims. No one can do anything to us with out us allowing it. Do not allow yourself to get sucked into the drama.
Be aware that we may be attached to being a victim, since the opposite would mean taking responsibility for our life. Being a victim gives us an excuse to blame anyone for the problems we are having. Simply . . . this mentality is spiritual laziness.

2. Proper disposal of negative energy.
When working to clear the attacker be careful to send the attacker directly to light so the energy can be recycled. If we don't do this, the entity could very easily attach him/her self to someone near to you. Always clear your field, and there after clear all your relations ... your family, friends, co-workers, pets, your business and so on.
If they can't get to you directly, they will try to work nearby. Let go of any attachment you might have to the attacker. Simply erase the attacker from your mind. This closes the door, and they will not be able to access you any more.

Bluntly ... Let it go, and get a life!

If you do not let go emotionally of the attacker, you keep that door open as you feed the attacker the essential energy it likes. Just thinking about the person or situation can give the attacker an open door to keep attacking.

Remember ... we CANNOT change what someone is doing to us. We can only change how we react to it. If you ask Archangel Michael to join you in while you're releasing the entity or psychic attack or, he will been more than happy to escort this one back into the light, or if he's particularly evil, he will take them to the Court of Universal Justice. If you don't feel comfortable doing this process, there are a lot of well-trained experienced shamans and healers that can do this for you.

3. Raise your frequency.
Next and most importantly you will need to raise your frequency so as not to attract more psychic attack to you. One way you can do this is to create a sacred space around you. I don't call this space "PROTECTION" for a very important reason. If you think you need protecting..., then you do! Simple. Creation reacts to what you think, feel and do.

What you want to do is place yourself in SACRED SPACE that is so full of light of energy that no negative energy can come near you. You don't need help from anyone to do this.
This is simple and powerful.
First call in all your Guides, Guardians, and Angels of the Light come to work with you. Ask them to help YOU put up a bubble of sacred light around you. Ask yourself that ALL energy that does not originate from you be removed from this sacred space.
Also ask for all energy that you gave away, or that was taken from you, to be returned to you inside this space. Ask that this bubble stay up 24/7, 365 days a year, through all time, space, dimension, body, mind, and spirit, past, present, and future.

Remember that what Sacred Space YOU create around you, you can also remove. NO ONE has power over you in any way. Ask Archangel Michael to guard this bubble.
He likes doing that : )


How do I deal with attack from someone who is insane or mentally disturbed?

Answer: There is no way to heal insane situations with sanity and reason. Ultimately those trying to do so will also be drawn into the sickness. It is easy to get drawn into insane situations and dramas. Our spirit wants to correct the mixed signals that insanity puts out. Once the situation is revealed as insane, it is best to close the door and ask the Creator to help the one who is unbalanced.

DO NOT try to solve the problem.
This one needs to work out his/her karma, and it is a personal journey.

Follow the steps above.


Would a change in diet or life style help me with protection?

Answer: Yes. Clean up your diet (this is very important).

Eat fresh, whole foods, get lots of rest, and most important, NO DRUGS, legal or otherwise. Drugs mess up your aura and keep you physically unable to protect yourself.


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2012 and Uniting ALL Universes

The Latest Movie is ONLINE:


Uniting ALL


You are not ALONE but ALLONE on this path.

Balance, be Peace and Love in ALL times.


It is not BY YOU but THROUGH your LOVE and PEACE all are united.


When we are all one, we are ONE with ALL.

Do not only look at peace and say: I am THAT.

I am THAT is KNOWING you ARE all. You are everything IN this world(s).


Unite with ALL ...

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W o r l d S p i r i t

Beautiful WORLD of ART

Link to this movie



Verichip and North American Union : The Truth

Link to this movie

Z E I T G E I S T 2

Official Trailer

This is the official trailer for the fourth segment of the documentary, ZEITGEIST.
The film will be released in October 2008.

Link to this movie



W o r l d S p i r i t

Beautiful WORLD of ART

Link to this movie

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Ramah's Wisdom

Ramah's Wisdom

Life is a continuUm ...

Life is a continued UM

Additional message:

I was just reading a piece of the channeling of the Laws of The Universe, which are not finished yet, therefor under the text is:

"To be continued ...
(Life is a ContinuUm...)"

All is channeled and given to us, as 'present', to learn and educate yourself.
When I read the words: Life is a continuum, Ramah said (again):

"Life is a continued UM ..."

It's just ONE breath which keeps on breathing, even if everything seems impossible ... the movement is still there; without that movement there would be no universe, no you.

So continue to UM (be still) ...


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Ramah's Wisdom

Ramah's Wisdom

Wisdom for The World

is not brought BY you

but Through you

Additional message:

Speaking 'wise' words of wisdom to 'help' another person is lovely. Giving advise to another too. But can YOU apply ALL these words to your OWN DAILY LIFE. In other words: are you LIVING what you KNOW?

There are people would 'Lovingly Push' their words down your throat. There are people who make you feel guilty if you don't follow their advise. There are people who want to make you feel inferior, lesser then they are, because they have all the WORDS-wisdom. It is GOOD to have educated yourself that much. It is a good thing to know what game is played-out. It is good that you KNOW. But do you know who you are? And most important: Do you know how to LIVE it.

Unconditional love and appliance of the knowledge of all THAT, playing with the Laws Of The Universe while learning to apply them in your daily life, is what your 'attitude' can be.

Enjoy all whilst DOing that.

Happiness is what you are, not what you send out in words.

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ReQuest .... on - Latest - May 9, 2008

Repost and ReQuest:
(I was guided to this site (like all kNews/postings in 'MM') ... a ReQuest for Love, so pls send LOVE!
Apparently this is important, we don't need to know why, just do it?!?!)

The World is Round

Amazing IRAN

Shahram Razavi writes:
Thank you and goodbye!
Unfortunately WORLD IS ROUND is shutting down.
Unless the owner of WIR can find someone who is willing and capable of taking over the website. I have been planning to start my own website which would include similar photo albums on Iran. However, due to health reasons (Diabetes complications) I'm not able to foresee any such website any time soon. My intention with these albums was to make available to the world the good side of Iran through images and to try to make people from all around the world understand that Iran absolutely does not deserve to be considered a member of some "axis of evil". I also wanted to instill hope and inspiration for a brighter future for the young generations of Iranians. And images can do that! They can create a vision in the minds of people.

Anyway, I thank you all for your comments and support.
Keep the Iranian flame burning!
Iran Hargez Nakhaahad Mord!
Paayandeh baad Iran!

- Shahram Razavi, April 27, 2008

So ... HELP OUT or PITCH IN !!!

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Ramah's Wisdom - The Laws of The Universe

The L A W S of the Universe

The Law of Acceptance: Accept yourself, the other, the situations you encounter, the life your in, the place you're working, the partner you're with, the money you have, the body-form you walk in; etc.
Saying NO (not accepting) will only ADD to NO..... so ... accept .... !

The Law of Allowance: Allow in all situations you encounter in your daily life the creation, the movement. Without movement the universe cannot expand., you cannot expand. Your mind will tell you something is wrong, something must be done, something is here to worry about, etc. That is the MIND. Your Heart KNOWS and ALLOWS.
Saying NO (not allowing) will only ADD to NO ..... so ... allow .... !

The Law of Attraction: What you sent-out, will return on your doorstep. When you 'harm' others, you will, eventually, harm yourself. When you are kind to others, you will receive kindness. The other person is also a mirror for THAT what YOU can HEAL in yourself. So next time you give someone an advise, look closely onto your own behaviours. Creation is see it all here in your life, feel the joy, the oneness what it brings for you and all the others around you. Feel the ALIVENESS come into your life when you see the creation already here. Then let go. Don't create a time-line of when you think it's suppose to arrive, for that is coming from the MIND. Look in your own mirror and Love Yourself, for YOU are the other person and by Loving yourself, you will create more Love in, out and around you, and thus attracting LOVE in you, your life.
Saying NO (to the image in the mirror) will only ADD to NO ..... so ... start using the energies .... !

The Law of NOW: Living in the NOW is all the written words here above. You only pay attention to the NOW; Now this going on in your life and you are not linking it back to previous events or future events. Living in the now means also being unattached. It is. The isness can enter your life and every moment is embraced as such.
Saying NO (and live in past and future) will only ADD to NO ..... so ... LIVE in the NOW .... !

The Law of ONE: We are ALL ONE. One beating Heart, One Consciousness and thus we are ALL THAT IS. Integrating the ONENESS in you life is losing your identity: the bodyform, the name, the birthdate, the material-things around you. You will become a 'simple, humble but powerful person' and thus ... you will become ... YOU.
You will feel more and more a PART of the WHOLE, THAT what you ARE.
Saying NO (I am My Name, my car, my life, my body) will only ADD to NO ..... so ... connect and feel that we are all one .... !

The Law of EXPANSION: Universe IS. Universe is MOVEMENT. Without movement there is nothing. No Thing. To go from NOTHING-NESS to MOVEMENT (and back) is easy: LIVE in the NOW. Act and create NOW. Where else could it be lived. Every time you breath NOW, the universe is expanding ... into ONE, That What Is. You are it. You are Life. You are Universe.
Saying NO (to growth) will only ADD to NO ..... so ... EXPAND .... !

To be continued ...

(Life is a ContinuUm...)

The Six Principles of Green Living

The Six Principles of Green Living

Living by green 'green' principles can be extremely satisfying, but how do you do it? Surely, it's not by purchasing more 'green' products, because buying and using more 'things' is all part of the problem.

This Lifehack article has got a great point, though, that a better guide to Green Living might well be David Allen's Getting Things Done, since the principles of Green Living are not all that different from the principles used to be more productive.

1. Strive for Simplicity: More stuff means more complexity; more upkeep, more keeping track, more things to do. In global terms, it means more wasted resources.

2. Fairness: Much of our consumption-driven market is based on unfairness. If everyone along the chain, from a Bolivian granny making hand-woven grocery bags to the Wal-Mart worker, actually were paid what you'd expect, that hand-woven grocery bag would be out of most people's price range.

3. Community: If you've ever had the pleasure of attending a local farmer's market, you've experienced something few of us do these days: an encounter with a part of your community, an actual living and breathing person, who made that which you're about to buy.

4. Sustainability: A system is sustainable when the negative outputs of that system are accommodated and turned into positive outputs. However, most of our global production is not sustainable.

5. Planning: Planning means looking ahead toward a desired outcome. It also means thinking a little bit about the community that isn't here yet and dealing fairly with them. The decisions we make now will create the conditions our grandchildren and their grandchildren will have to deal with.

6. Transparency: Planning, community, fairness, and ultimately sustainability require transparency, but most decisions these days are made behind closed doors.

Source : Dr. Mercola -

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PostCards From The Future

Link to the TRAILERS

PLS note here: The Latest MOVIE from the MASTERS (Celestial Magic) is to be seen how YOU want to see it.
This can differ per person. My view is this: No matter if there is a space'war', an 'endgame', inhabitants on the moon or even mars... CREATE the worlds you want to see by being YOU.
Just BEING is enough.
We 'get' our messages via different 'ways', just notice, be awake and become you(rself). The nicest GIFT you can GIVE (to the worlds) is becoming YOU. It is THROUGH YOU (not BY you) that LIGHT prevails.

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Ramah on ENERGY

You and ENERGY

As we learn to 'play' with the energies around us, we encounter other peoples energy. Without even said a word, their energy is transmitted and (even if not noticed), brought into your energy system.

People who have a 'superiour attitude' can easily bring you out of balance. Without a word you can feel tired, uneasy, of-balance, insecure and even in-able of being yourself.
They have mis-used their energy (most of the time out of ignorance) and you have to deal with it. Sometimes that is difficult to do.

During a conversation energies are send:
People who feel they are better then you, have a bigger house, bigger car, more money, bigger ego, think of themselves they are the most wonderful person in the world (born out of their sence of insecurety), think that the life you live is 'stupid', are judgemental, feel sorry or pitty for your 'miserable' life, put you down, think they know better and you should apply to that no matter what you bring into the conversation, etc. ... and acting out on this, without words most of the time, THINK THESE THOUGHTS and send them into the energy-field which is created when you are in conversation.
Immediately you can sense the energy drawn away from you.
You are not really yourself anymore and you find yourself hearing the answers you probably would not have given when the energy was one of respect and balance.

Trying to balance the energies and going back to your center is not always possible, especially when you are still in the learning-process with it.

What to do in these situations?
The first thing is to balance their superior energy. They feel they are somehow better or greater than you, and that makes you feel inferior. Really quick the energy is sucked-out of you and they feed on your energy. The more inferior energy you send out at THAT point, the bigger there sense of superiority will get.
But why is the energy of inferiority there with you?
Because at one point they have send this superior energy towards you (without words) and you did not pay (enough) attention to it. The trick is to learn that and then you will be able to remain balance, love and in your center of being.

When people USE WORDS to make you feel less, its much easier to deal with then when only thoughts are send.
You see the other person speak the words and the expression of their face (i.e. disgust) and your ears are hearing the words they speak.
You hear the words and can set yourself in a 'one minute conversation with self': "Is this true?" you can ask yourself and turn back the clock ... (meaning: balance the energies).
Use words to speak like: "Is that so?" to get into neutrality.

Now when words are UNSPOKEN, you see the other person SMILING at you but you hear nothing. Yet you feel awfull tired or insecure in a split-second.
It throws you of-balance, these mixed-signals: you see the other smiling at you. Yet you also feel the energy sucked out of you and you don't know what is happening: the other is smiling at you, right?
"So why am I feeling so awful?" you wonder really quick.
"Is it me doing something wrong?" And THIS is the moment you let your guard-down and the insecurety of THAT thought is brought into their system to grow more into their superiority. All things in motion and the conversation probably will lead to words they use to feel even more superior: they will chose subjects to talk about to really get their cookie, because it feels great to feed on anothers energy. It makes you feel bigger and better and superior-energy wants more of that.
Inferior energy wants more of that too... so after ending this conversation you will feel so thrown-off, you think of never wanting to meet with them, ever. They will leave you with a bigger ego and the next time they will probably try that trick again.

Know so!
In other words, already prepare yourself for the next time you meet.
The MIND will say: no ... I don't want to interact with these people ever. Toss MIND out and KNOW you are learning to USE your energy!

How to meet the next time? It would be nice when you can set a date of meeting, so that they can not get you off-guard in appearing spontaniously. (Note here: Have you noticed that a lot of people who think they are 'superior' appear unnoticed at your doorstep?)
The best thing to do is follow your routine (prepare) like you are going to meditate, in how YOU want to do it, what is the best way for you. To put yourself in contact with silence, balance and unconditional love, in center.

When the confrontation (meeting) starts, you look into their eyes, see the smile and KNOW they are sending thoughts, sending mixed signals.
Look closer at the smile, don't absorp the energy but just try pick up their thoughts.
If these thoughts are: 'You look terrible today, or ... what stupid clothes you wear (etc)... you just pick them up and leave the emotions out.
Just KNOW you ARE ABLE to pick up thoughts and be stronger with THAT.
Now BALANCE yourself a bit more. CENTER yourself a bit more.
Probably you will have to do this a couple of times during the conversation because people THINK A LOT ... and JUDGE A LOT.
KNOW it so!

Step by step you can 'use' these conversations to learn yourself about THOUGHTS, PICKING them up, LEAVING them out of your energy-system to the place where they belong, MIXED-signals, Superior and Inferior.

Any THOUGHTS of you according to this article are welcome to write in email ;-)


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link to this article:

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The Latest Movie from The Masters is ONLINE : -)

The Latest Movie is ONLINE!

C e l e s t i a l M a g i c

In the Temple of Silence
is Celestial Magic
a New Earth Rising

Dream it true!

VIDEO WALL from DailyMotion.Com/MarinaOfLight

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