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Update on David Wilcock


2012: Tragedy, transcension or just another year?
David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan Calendar and much, much more!

The 2012 Enigma
by David Wilcock


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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Iraq invasion a success, Cheney says

As the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq neared, US Vice-President Dick Cheney declared that the US effort to install democracy a "successful endeavour" that has been "well worth the effort".

Anniversary ... how insane is that ...

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada issued a statement saying Mr Cheney should instead "explain how his Administration intends to use its final months to find Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda's senior leadership � neither of whom are in Iraq."

Two US soldiers were killed on Monday when a bomb exploded on their vehicle north of Baghdad. The attack raised the number of US soldiers who have died in Iraq to at least 3990.

At least? They don't know?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Are you a Master Teacher or an Energy Feeder?

A channeling from Wa'Gosh:

Are you a Master Teacher or an Energy Feeder?

The Star Council

Channeled by WA'GOSH

March 6th 2008

A note to fellow teachers and 'Healers Of Words':

Energy feeding can occur in many ways: by listening for the purpose of immediate responding, speaking for the purpose of purging ones energies onto another's field, sucking another's energy in an embrace, leading a one-sided singular flow of conversation, just sitting back and quietly tapping into a group or individuals energy, dominating the flow of another's sharing or their desire for transparency ... and then ... there is out right feeding when tired or in physical/mental/emotional need.

All of these and more can happen without the 'feeder' or the 'feedee' knowing it...until the after effects are felt. These are usually experienced by the feedee in a form of tiredness and a desire to escape the energetic grip of another's dominating speech, egoist posturing, energetic finger pointing, verbal and physical expression (the dumping or releasing of emotions onto another) and/or a one sided and unbalanced sharing of a (personal) perspective that has no resemblance to mutual sharing and listening with an open heart in the role of a teacher.

The feeder, on the other hand, can feel invigorated and refreshed afterwards simply by sucking ethereally (some times without even knowing it). However, if they are a polarity based feeder (they can get energetically and temporarily re-balanced) when they feel a releasing of pent up emotions, feelings, repression of held in thoughts and energy that is finally let go by dumping their energies, thoughts, feelings about a so called teaching subject or experience… and then … inadvertently purging their energies onto a person or crowd (forgetting that those feelings or thoughts are a reflection of themselves and their own process) as if a heavy load has been removed form ones shoulders or heart.

And so, one person feeds off the energies of other's by energetic stealing through the process of tapping into another’s field without the others permission… and, without the timely consideration of correct right thinking. It is as if they are in need of such energy from without and in their perceived lacking search for a random or unknowing giver. These givers (feedees) as such are easy to spot when observing this process. They feel as if they are simply being compassionate by listening or are being considerate by giving attention to a supposed teacher or friend that they admire. What they do not know consciously is that they are a participating in an energy feeding process. However, sub-consciously they do know because it leaves them feeling ... for lack of a better phrase ... un-refreshed to say the least.

Also, at another level they know and feel this to be a truly non-coherent experience in that they internally wish to leave and break the connection. But, because of co-dependent habits of their own, (usually based on past experiences as a child or a past relationship dynamics) they willingly remain. So, do not think that it's an all victim-based situation we are talking about here. In truth... there are no victims ... ever ... You are either choosing your experience or you are not. Know this dear ones... you are the co-creator of your own world and experiences...completely.

This version of a feeder can purposefully or without knowing suck energy by feeding off another's etheric or by dumping their woes, thoughts, feeling, hurts, negative experiences and emotionally charged contemplations on others. Therefore, both types of feeders can get some amount of temporary energetic release that rings of short-term refreshment or renewal that dissipates eventually over time and causes the person to seek out another so called listener, friend, family member or student. There are of course a number of ways this is done that are not mentioned here… but in all respects ... every human does this to some degree... awakening master or not. All humans can become tired energetically form all 4 of the energetic bodies (emotional, physical, mental & spiritual) until they reach a higher level of light quotient and vibration.

Another term for this process is called 'leaning in' on others. (see Stuart Wilde’s book & CD - 'Silent Power') This occurs by taking from another's energy field 'leaning in', or by dumping onto anothers energy field of experience through releasing one's perspective ...under the auspice of teaching or sharing. This activity can create an invisible push and pull relationship dynamics without even knowing it even within ones writings. The end result is a back and forth process through energetic and habitual practices thereby encouraging a momentum or desire to ensue, through the use of the many above mentioned ways, to move ones energy from stagnancy to renewal... all-be-it temporarily.

This back and forth activity of releasing, or taking from another by way of release, is usually done by tapping into another's field without their verbal or energetic permission. So much so that when the energies becomes repressive, rather than progressively flowing in harmonic resonance, this then leads to discordance between the two beings thereby flowing into a push pull energetic oscillation. This push-pull energy encountered is the outward expression of 'duality based resonance' action or thinking, or experiencing ones co-existence and interaction with others in their co-creative experience in a non-coherent fashion.

Divine wisdom admonishes a being to 'Own their Mastery' by employing self-reflection, and or re-membering the outside experience mirrors the inside, rather than self-aggrandizement through known and unknown (seen and unseen) desires and habits of feeding (tapping into another's field) or dumping/releasing onto another our energy, feelings, perspective and or process. This is in essence a selfish and ego-based modis operandi that can be harmful and pull into one's experience non-stop processing and deflationary or stagnant personal growth.

In and of itself this observation can express that if this underlying habit or practice is transformed, it can be a learning process of grace and ease in one's existence rather than an energetic mine field of constant processing. Yes, even as a teacher there is always a need or desire for process and practice. But, there are certain subjects that can be of a nature most precipitous to that of a teacher... it's the having of persons and experiences in our field that persist in the same lessons - over the same issues – time and again that are yet to be moved towards right thinking, divine knowingness and/or wisdom based activities. In lue of this ... if you are a teacher… ask yourself... what subjects or energies are your students and interactions bringing into your experiences over and over again for processing? It's about the mirror reflections dear ones.

There are even many master teachers who use their audience's desire for harmony and non-judgment in their interaction … for their own self-posturing or personal aggrandizement… forgetting in the moment that a teacher's role is to facilitate and not dominate the energy of another with a singular and or one-sided perspective. Re-membering the phrase, 'I don't know what I don't know' can assist one in avoiding this energetic play as a master teacher. For all are on their way back to the love of First Source, just in their own way.

At times, from the teacher's perspective, their-in may lye a clue. During the moments of sharing or teaching, the process of feeding or dumping during these times may suggest that they are in the middle of learning various 'personal lessons' that 'they' themselves are actually moving through. These personal issues of the teacher can some how get enmeshed into the lesson/s being shared with the student/s. In essence ... the teacher ends up teaching about what they themselves are just then moving through, or, have almost but not yet completely processed in their own experience. This leads the listeners into thinking if they (the teacher/sharer) should be sharing their perspective with them (the student/s) in the first place. For every one knows or can feel when another is being shaky or judgmental in their energies and interactions. We are all becoming the walking dolphins as my friend Kerrie O'Connor shares. Dolphins are highly telepathic and as the crystalline grid becomes more activated and strengthened… all persons are also becoming telepathic by nature of evolution and the sprinkling of the crystalline energies onto the humans and planet earth. Even those whom you might consider not yet awakened are also experiencing this phenomenon. So, re-member... the B.S. antennas are getting more sensitive day by day ... for all.

This habit or practice of feeding or releasing can inherently create a leaking of one's own unfinished or current 'personal process' onto the unsuspecting student's, listener’s or fellow sharer’s field of experience. When this happens all can feel and sense the unsteadiness of the sharer's or teachers energy as one who is not yet being completely solid and stable in their own energies. Unfortunately, the lessons or sharing can get lost in the end for all involved with the exception of course of the releaser's inherent release or energy upliftment through feeding. The value of what could have been is mixed in with the lack of clarity and or substantiated credibility that can then little by little become lost and or depleted in the minds and hearts of the students, listeners and fellow sharers.

So, beloved earth angels, what is the lesson that can be gleaned from this writing? Well, the words of Stuart Wilde come to mind from his writings and teachings on 'Silent Power'. He mentions the teachings of the TAO on this matter of being responsible for ones own energy in that the master knows not to 'lean in' on another's energetic field…either by taking energy or by purging lower vibrational substances onto another. In fact, it is stated in this way, 'When in doubt ... one should lean out.'

If you find yourself on the receiving end of such an interaction... a regular energy routine may be of value to you. One that comes to mind is the process of severing energetic and emotional cords from your energy fields (chakras, etheric, aura, grids) by the use of Arc Angel Michaels light sword which can be done easily and at any time by simply asking for it verbally or in silence. However, know that this should not become a long-term habit. For thinking that everyone and every experience is one of feeding simply brings more of such things into your field. So, use this before going to bed or after a very emotional experience for the sake of maintaining a balance in your energy rather than a offensive tactic based on fear.

'Re-member dear ones... we are each gifted a portion of the divine spark as co-creators of this world. How are YOU being responsible for your share of this vast and beautiful energy? This ascension process that you are in is not just a concept but an already accomplished feat. Therefore, grand creators, what do YOU choose to create today?'

In essence, if you are a teacher or healer with words dear ones your utmost to live these words and shine like the loving illuminator that you are.

In other words… 'Own Your Mastery!'

'I am THAT I am, and, you are God/Goddess The All That Is also ... indeed.' - WA'GOSH


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