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Dharma The Cat - Philosophy With Fur

Dharma The Cat - Philosophy With Fur

Dharma, Siam and Boddhi

By David Lourie, Ted Blackall & Dave Heinrich

Dharma The Cat Cartoons.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Love Machine

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Ramah's Wisdom - to be found on - CHANNELING

Ramah's Wisdom

Look at a CROSS:

The Horizontal is what you are in this world, feeding-off of others energy, not awake, acting out of full ego, victimising the little 'you' and not connected with ONE.
The Vertical is the 'spiritual' energy; it will be only 'there' when you have overcome the above stated situations. (and more)

There where these two meet is CENTER, BALANCE, THE FIELD OF NOW ... YOU.

And from that point you can see clearly in the world and speak TRUTH.
Without judgement, ego, emotions.
Remember there are many ways to describe 'things' and words are beautiful, still there is some limitation in writing and understanding.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oprah and Eckhart ... this is a MUST see ...!! Pls share!!

Eckhart Tolle's New Earth

First Podcast - Oprah meets Eckhart Tolle

Oprah and author Eckhart Tolle are teaching an exclusive online class about his best-selling book A New Earth every Monday night.

Pls subscribe and educate yourself, a must see/listen. Pls share.

CLICK HERE when you have iTunes to go to the podcasts.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ramah's Wisdom

Fear of being 'different', Lack of Self-Confidence is what keeping you of your origionally chosen path.
Being true to self is not.

Be True To Self.

A Peace of my mind:

I read on someones blog (Thank you - it ALWAYS leads to SomeThing)

"I don't agree with everything she says or does, her ideas, but this is such bollocks".

Why do 'we' always feel the need of defending ourselves? Why can't we not just HONOUR the other person for his/her believes. What is the FEAR attached to this?

Just feel and you know your answer.

POLL for NOW ....

P O L L for NOW

Are you READY for a New World?

I don't understand this Question.
Yes, but ...
No, but ...
I would love to talk about this subject with others.
I believe nothing is going to happen in 2012.
I believe earth will be distroyed by an 'end-game-scenario'.

Resultaten weergeven

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Days to vote: 6

Friday, April 4, 2008

Second Life


This Virtual World is easing down a bit and its a very nice way to virtually meet eachother.

We are already used to meet in chat(room), and the Online Spiritual Cafe makes it a bit virtual for us.

Second Life is also a nice way to communicate and make things visual, like meditation.

I've just visited Second Life a few times and there is much to learn but its fun as well!

<------ Marina Of Light Meditating at Second Life

It's not my intend to make money on Second Life by offering workshops etc; for me that is a phase-past-by and therefor 'old'. I will not add energy to the old-ways and will remain in 50-50: service to self and others. (The Law Of One)

When you want to attend workshops, meet others and do other nice things, then Second Life is also a nice place to explore!

When you are interested in meeting eachother like we do in the Online Spiritual Cafe and make it more virtual, we can meet in Second Life too; no dates are yet available and you can find me by searching my name: MarinaOfLight.
All sharing and offering is welcome ofcourse.

See you there one day ... in Second Life: the 3D online virtual world!

Ramah's Wisdom - to be found on - CHANNELING

Ramah's Wisdom

It is not WHAT you fear that will 'kill' you

It is the ENERGY of fear you use in, out and around you.

Additional message:

To fear something, lets say, to die in a carcrash, in a fire, to drown, to get sick, to be left alone by your spous, to .. well, fill in yourself what your fears are, is not what will 'kill' you.
It is the energy YOU have put in or ARE putting in, so the fear itself is not important. There is nothing to be fearful about in this life.
Teachings in the old days, even if not very good translated, tell us that too. It is ALL (in) YOU. Work on the 'energy of fear', your THOUGTS, EMOTIONS, these feelings you have and don't shut out the objects in your life. One story goes that a man in england was so affraid of getting the disease Creutzfelt Jacob (mad-cow-disease) he didn't eat meat for he feared he would die. Ofcourse he died (because we all do!) and guess what disease he had? Yes, Creutzfelt Jacob.

Same is so with fear of losing.
When people are affraid to lose their child, spous or material things, they are not connected with Unconditional Love and they are not living in the NOW.
They are not open to allow everything.
They will act and behave to hold what they 'have', for they are affraid to lose it.
This energy will eventually turn against them. And the child will do exactly what the parent didn't want, the spous will run of with another lover (ticket-out-of-marriage) and material things can OWN you that much you cannot let go of it Or you end up losing it.

With death we mean also that life you are living as if you were already dead.

So watch the energies as you are learning to work with energies and make them work for you. That lethal disease you have (death) is something 'to overcome' and words, thoughts and emotions can be altert in positive ones!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Global Warming SWINDLE ....

The Global Warming Swindle and follow the money. A story:

Gore to recruit 10m-strong green army

Al Gore yesterday launched a drive to mobilise 10 million volunteers to force politicians to act on climate change - twice as many as the number who marched against the Vietnam war or in support of civil rights during the heyday of US activism in the 1960s.

During the next three years, his Alliance for Climate Protection plans to spend $300m on television advertising and online organising to make global warming among the most urgent issues for elected American leaders.

Dutch TV - broadcast The Global Warming Swindle - Dutch Language - Dutch Subtitles

Carrot Wax - MySpace

I ’should’ heal and grow
Categorie: Dreams and the Supernatural


I'm in my own process now, getting physically sicker, and wondering why there's no shifting in this. This led to the following channeled question (from me, channeled by Karen Murphy) which I think is rather universal, so I'm posting it here.

: I am really frustrated at my progress towards inner peace and balance. Why is this not "working"? What am I not doing or doing to sabotage myself? It's all very well hearing and writing about my own wholeness, but it seems that no matter what I do, I feel more disconnection with my self and others, more pain, more isolation. What good is inner work and channeling if it doesn't actually produce positive change? Please feel free to tell me "as it is", without walking around anything that I might be afraid to look at. I want to know.

You have asked us to tell you things "as it is", or as you are, without dancing around the topic. We understand that you value expression. You value Truth in expression.

We will attempt to bring you that now.You have asked what you are doing wrong or not doing, or doing to sabotage yourself. As much as you desire change, understand it is because you think you "should". This desire for change, then, you have allowed to come to you from an external source rather that from inside yourself. In other words, true change will not occur for you unless and until you are connected to your inner Self and the desire to change comes from there.

Now we can tell you reasons why you have allowed this external "should" to come in. But understand that you do not have a desire to connect with that inner Self except with that desire that comes to you via this external "should". In other words, until you drop the external "should", change will not occur at the rate at which you think you "should" have it. Now, ironically, once you are able to drop this external "should" and become connected with your inner self, you will likely not feel the need for change, for you will likely already have what you want. So we would suggest looking at your pattern of external influences and determining you are going to continue to accept them. Once you drop them, if you should choose to, all that will be left will be that inner core of yourself. If, however, you choose to remain immersed in these external influences you have allowed to accumulate outside of you, you will always feel there is an inner emptiness. Now, are there any questions.

That is, as we said, "as we see it". However, we understand it is not easy to get there. It is one thing for us to say drop the external influences, but when you are mired within them, that is all you could see. Now, you could manifest within yourself a very dramatic way to drop the external influences. This could look like insanity to others. It could be extremely painful. It could be part of a "near death" experience. Any other really dramatic shift is likely to have that effect. So you must ask yourself: is that what you want? And in the asking, ask yourself also what are the influences telling me what I "should" want?

Aside from a dramatic shift such as we described, you could also examine every one of these influences that you already know about, travel with each one back to the source and allow yourself to let it dissipate, for you know you don't need it. You must however, believe this can happen. If you believe you are nothing but what others think that you are, then you will be that. You have the power to choose what you are and who you are, and who you are not.
This was enormously helpful to me, because knowing my own blocks is just as important as knowing my own light. Like many people, my identity was largely constructed from others: how others looked at me, what part of me was loved, what was not accepted, what was painful, what was joyful, how I needed to act to gain acceptance. And all of these things are externals. Even my desires, such as for wholeness, can be things I think I should want. That's the legacy of our advertising-based culture.

In this time of enforced inactivity called illness, I really can't give to others as much as I used to. I can't earn a living, I can't help around the house much, I can't think that clearly much of the time, and I even can't do energy work without a reaction. It's brought up a lot of self-hatred and confusion about my identity - because in some ways I perceived I needed to do all these things in order to be lovable. But looking at all my self-hatred now, I see that without exception, every hatred I have is because I perceive something (in myself or others) that is different from how I think it should be. And all of those "should"s came from somewhere outside myself. Every last one.

Most people in this culture, I've gradually perceived, have little awareness when there is a connection to this deep inner presence called "Self". It takes time and space to allow this connection. There is no quick answer, no quick solution to becoming who you are. Any attempt to make it a quick solution is always because of another "should". But there is no way to find inner peace and balance without this connection, however long it takes.And so my journey (and yours) goes on...

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